1. Gorgeous collection by  Jason Wu for the fall of 2013 at NYFW day 2. Lots of white plaid skirts but also electric colors such as indigo blue and fire red. Jason always manages to surprise his public with beautiful collection. 


  2. Dates for Fashion week 2013


    The Fashion Intern gives you the exclusive dates for the Fashion weeks worldwide, presenting the trends of fall-winter 2013-2014

    New York- starts on February 7

    London- starts on February 15

    Milan- starts on February 20

    Paris- starts of February 26

    Russia (new!!)- starts of March 29

    A new,official and exclusive fashion week starts this year in Moscow and St. Petersburg (both with respective dates, MB FASHION WEEK RUSSIA which is on March 29 and St. Petersburg on April 15, we haven’t received any information about Volvo Fashion week Moscow) which will put the spotligh even more on the Russian cities and the talented designers.

    Secondly the younger fashion capitals, some of them already ended:

    Amsterdam- January 23

    Tokyo- March 17

    Australia Melbourne- March 18

    Australia Sidney- May, no information on the precise date

    Sao Paulo- March 18

    Mumbai- no information on the precise date

    Miami-  no information on the precise date

    Madrid- no information on the precise date

    Los Angeles- March 9

    Stockholm- January 28

    Copenhagen- January 30

    Follow The Fashion Intern for exclusive pictures and daily updates about the worldwide fashion weeks and looks straight from the runway. Start on February 7 at New York Fashion Week.


  3. The European Union bans cosmetics tested on animals

    The European Union just announced that they’re banning the import and sale of any cosmetics (or ingredients) that have been tested on animals. According to fashionista.com the ban will go into effect in March this year. Companies from the US are also effected by the decision and they are going to have to find alternative metods in order to sell products in most of the European countries   


  4. Pre-fall 2013 trend spoiler

    We will have an interesting season that’s for sure! Very unusual for the fall season are the flowers, which are going to be present both on runways and in shops. When we think of winter we don’t imagine flowers that’s for sure but it’s a very unique and edgy idea, we die to see how it will work for the darker seasons. As we’ve seen at Chanel earlier in January the Scottish pattern and kilts will be everywhere and it seems like it became one of the official trends of the season. Sure it surprised everyone that Karl Lagerfeld chose Scotland as host for his pre-fall 2013 fashion show, but we have to get used-if we haven’t already- that he dictates the trends.

    For the fashionistas that purchased a couple trendy pieces of clothing the previous seasons, there will be a couple things that follow us in the fall, winter season. These are the leather pants, skirts, accessories and everything with leather in general. image

    (Lanvin, pre-fall 2013)

    The see through shirts and dresses will be present as well, mostly in darker colors. Thin materials as silk will be all over the place.The long beautiful skrits we’ve seen at Dior for the spring summer will be very trendy for the fall as well, especially with huge flowers on. 


    (from left to right Dior spring-summer 2013 and Michael Kors pre-fall 2013)

    The checks and plaids are holding on to their positions from the spring/summer, so if you own anything checkered, don’t even think of throwing it away!


    (Chanel, pre-fall 2013)

    And of course let’s talk about the colors of the season. We were kind off surprised when we didn’t see the color of the year, which is emerald on the runway in the spring-summer. But have no fear, because this will be the hottest color on the runway for sure and if you like Dorothy and Oz, you’re already on the right track. The ice blue color will also be very trendy, and it reminds me of the example with the flowers, this one is also a pretty unusual color for the fall season.


    (Jason Wu,pre-fall 2013)

    Of course let’s not forget to keep it up for the retro, you might need to visit your nearest vintage shop or borrow your mom’s blazer with shoulder pads on because we suspect that it might get pretty hot too.

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  5. The fashion weeks are on fire and soon we’ll be able to show you the defilés for the pre-collections of autumn/winter 2013-2014. We’ve already seen the men’s collection and pictures of the women collections are on already, we can’t wait to show you and of course the fashion shows too, right from the runway. Don’t forget to tune in to The Fashion Intern for more hot news from the fashion industry and the fashion weeks. 

  6. Make up and hair images both from the runway and backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture spring summer 2013.

  7. Gorgeous and very colorful haute couture collection by Jean Paul Gaultier. Made for the spring summer of 2013 Gaultier’s collection reminds us very much about the indian summer but also very chic and exotic to wear in the city. Amazing shades of colors were on the runway, sari-looking dresses. Even the models feet were dyed in different colors and platform flip flop were also present. For the last look even children with colorful saris were bought on the runway.

  8. A perfect combination of the trendy and the elegant at Bouchra Jarrar haute couture printemps-été 2013. We see stripes, white, navy, silk and checkmate. She is officially one of our favorite designers!

  9. Glamourous collection by Armani Privé, haute couture printemps été 2013. 

    (Source: thefashionintern)

  10. And the third part of the Vogue Paris haute couture fashion week series has arrived, with exclusive shot from Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier and Elie Saab fashion shows. 

    (Source: thefashionintern)